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Be rewarded when your referral gets a job through us.
Yes. Both you and your referral.

Have a little celebration on us. Just our way of saying thanks. 

How it works:

  • You will receive a unique referral link via email when you sign up to our Referral Program*. Share this link with your friends.
  • Using the link, your friend will sign up for the program  and get their own referral link
  • They will quote their own referral link when applying for a job on our site. Our system will recognize the referral as coming from you.
  • Both you and your friend will get notified of your reward if they are successfully hired.


  • Your referral is anyone who uses your link to sign up, It does not have to be a contact known to you. So, feel free to share your link.
  • Our referral program only applies to those opportunities listed and applied through our site.
  • By signing up on our Referral Program, you will also receive updates on our latest openings. You may unsubscribe to those emails anytime.
  • Our system has strong anti-fraud precautions. If you have troubles signing up or referring, please hit us up on our chat.

*Limited to those working and residing in Singapore only.

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