Our Story

Quotient Search was established in 2009 to help companies hire better by communicating their employer brand.

We fill the gap between the service provided by large, costly retainer firms and recruitment agencies that reside primarily on job boards.

We recognise that there is a growing segment of companies that place value above fancy names while still insisting on quality of service and the ethos of professionalism and integrity. Yes, that's a tall order. So how do we do it? We innovate and get creative.

With continuing advancements in technology, we believe smaller companies no longer have to deal with expensive searches; or to play second fiddle to those with deeper pockets in getting their story told. We are a small team that punches above our weight and we help you do that too.

And because we’re managed by partner-consultants, all of our clients benefit from greater accountability and strong adherence to the code of ethics of the hiring industry.



Email:        info@quotientsearch.com

Address:    9 Temasek Boulevard                     #09- 01, Suntec Tower Two,                     Singapore 038989

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